InnoBaby Product Review

Hi all!

I’m back again to talk about two products I recently tried from InnoBaby. I’m a proud participant of their ambassador program, so I did receive these items at a discount.

Elizabeth has been bottle fed since basically day one, so Ruben and I pretty much professional bottle washers. I mean, when you do it every day for several days, you become an expert, right?

This was our previous set up since Elizabeth was around a month old.


We picked up the drying rack at Amazon and the brush was a gift. Though it worked well, I hate anything with a sponge. I hate how funky sponges start to smell and just how they get so yuck overtime. Though the drying rack is huge and fit all of her bottles and accessories with ease, it collects dust easily in the row spaces. I would have to wash and scrub in between all those rows at least once a week to keep them from getting gross. Needless to say, I wanted something better! Cue the 2-in-1 Silicone Brush and the Four Tier Stacking Drying Rack.


I had actually been looking at this rack and brush since before I became an InnoBaby Ambassador. I love anything that is minimal in the space department. Also, the brush is silicone, so not have a sponge is a plus.


The brush is long enough to fit down to the bottom of the 8oz bottles we use, and the tip is small enough to get inside the nipples.


My old brush had a silicone nipple cleaning attachment that unscrewed at the bottom and I constantly dropped it down the drain. UGH! The silicone brush can be quickly cleaned and sterilized by popping it in the dishwasher. The brush head pops off for a deeper sterilization and can be microwaved or boiled. BUH-BYE nasty sponge. FOREVER. This brush has also been coming in handy for cleaning our water bottles. Especially since most have openings too small to get hands into. I’m all about that multi-purpose life.


The bottle drying rack is AMAZING! It fits all six of her 8oz bottles with ease. I like to take them completely apart, so that means bottles, nipples and lids floating around. They all fit! I love that it is vertical in design so everything kind of floats on top of one another without taking up a ton of counter space. The little tray at the bottom is also a great home for the inner bottle attachments. The whole rack comes apart for easy cleaning, traveling and storage.

I HIGHLY recommend both these products, especially if you have a bottle fed little nugget, like me. It will save your bottle-washing life.

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