My Top 10 Baby Essentials

Alright friends, let’s talk baby gear!

I’ve come to find that I love buying things for Elizabeth more than I love buying things for myself. Baby gear and clothes are dangerous. They are like Pringles; once you pop the fun don’t stop! It’s a struggle choosing things that will help me in my every day life while not gobbling up everything in sight because it’s cute or because the internet tells me I need it. I’m taking a minimalist approach to parenting. One aspect of that is only having what you need to have in terms of toys and baby gear. I also cannot STAND the crazy colors, designs and prints of most baby related items, so I tend to learn towards modern designs and prints. Sorry crazy rainbow colored jungle prints, you aren’t for me.

As a first time mom, you read and see SO MANY THINGS that you think might help you in your daily life. I’m sure there are benefits to most products out on the market, but wading through what is going to help and what is going to clutter is slightly overwhelming!  I took recommendations from friends, family and some bloggers that I have been following for years to narrow down what I should buy.

Anyway, enough jabber. Here are my top #10 baby gear essentials that have helped me TREMENDOUSLY in my day to day.

There are some links below that are affiliate links, so when you click on one and buy something, I receive a small commission! Happy shopping!

Top 10 Baby Gear Essentials as a First Time Mom

1) Fjällräven Kånken Backpack
I am ALL about this backpack. I use it as a diaper bag, and it’s been the one of my most handy purchases. I not only love this company, but their backpacks are super durable and easy to clean. I have a large tote for my work bag, and trying to juggle that and a tote style diaper bag plus a car seat is a clown show in the morning. With a backpack, I can just throw it on and still have a free shoulder for my work bag. I have this backpack in “Fog” and I purchased this insert from Amazon to keep everything organized inside. I love the clean design, and since they are based in Sweeden, they throw in a bunch of Sweedish Fish candy when you buy something from them #win

2) SkipHop Moby Bath Time Helpers
Once Elizabeth started eating solid food, I went from a bath every other day to every day (she gets food stuck in the weirdest places!). This knee pad and elbow rest have been a bath time savior! I bathe Eliza in the tub, so that means kneeling and leaning on the side. My knees are already achy and grumpy, so the oh so cushy knee pad is a saving grace. The elbow rest makes it easy to lean on or over the tub without my elbows or ribs getting massacred. They are also in the CUTEST whale shapes. I want the whole set of Moby bath time helpers (find them all here).

3) Antilop High Chair
Elizabeth still needs support to sit up by herself, so I figured this highchair would be a great option as a starter for her. Not only is it $20, but the legs come off so I can transport or store it away if needed. I also purchased the Pyttig support pillow for the highchair to have some cushion. Elizabeth is almost too big to fit in the chair with the pillow…chunky monkey. Once she is able to support herself a little more, we will be transitioning to this Skip Hop high chair for home.

4) Dockatot
I started following Dockatot on Instagram right after I had Elizabeth. A blogger I have been following for quite sometime had a daughter right around when Elizabeth was born and she was going to be testing out the Dockatot with her daughter. After using it for sometime, she highly recommended it. I waited for a month or so before making the leap to purchase (it does come with a hefty price tag of $165), but I am so glad that I did! Elizabeth usually sleeps in her crib for naps now since she likes to be on her side or tummy, and many parents use this for co-sleeping or crib transitions. But, I love the Dockatot Deluxe for traveling. Instead of using the hotel crib or bringing along a Pack-n-Play, we just take the Dockatot and Elizabeth snoozes away in between us (we like getting a King size bed). We also take it when we visit my best friend and it’s so nice not to have to lug around a bunch of bulky baby items. It comes in a perfect carrying tote and has a cardboard stabilizer to keep shape while traveling.

5) Sophie the Giraffe Teether
I love Sophie. Elizabeth loves Sophie. There’s not much more to say! Sophie was gifted to us by my best friends (and Elizabeth’s godparents) for her baby shower and it came with some cute ABC flash cards (excited to use those later!). Sophie is made from natural rubber and is designed to stimulate all five senses. Elizabeth loves gnawing on all of the different textured parts and it’s great for her itchy gums. There’s also a squeaker inside that surprises Elizabeth every once in a while and it’s hilarious.

6) Boppy Nursing Pillow
This really is as great as everyone says it is. Though I don’t nurse, the Boppy (I have this cover for it) has been a back saver for when I fed Elizabeth her bottles. I mostly use it in the evening for her last bottle and in the morning when she has a bottle and then goes back to sleep for a few hours. It puts her at just the right height so my back and neck aren’t straining.

7) Ergobaby Original Carrier
Hands down my favorite soft carrier! It’s so comfortable. I love that I can wear it with Elizabeth facing in, out and with her on my back. I use this all the time for walks around the neighborhood and it comes in handy when I’m solo shopping and need to push a cart.

8) Skip Hop Activity Gym
I adore Skip Hop. So much. This activity gym was one of the first toys I bought for Elizabeth. It has so many different shapes, colors, sounds and textures for her to explore. The mat is super soft and comes with an adorable cloud shaped pillow. She loves is more now that she can spend longer on her tummy, and I put the sun shaped mirror in front of her and she just stares at herself and giggles. The colors and prints are super cute (again, I hate flashy, gaudy prints and colors).

9) Ingenuity Baby Seat
This is one of my most recent purchases. I wanted something super small and portable for Elizabeth to use for feeding when she is with her Grandma and Grandpa. This seat is lightweight and super portable. The pullout tray with cup holder make it perfect for feeding. It has a strap that you can use to attach it to a chair, but I haven’t tested that out yet. Sometimes we put Elizabeth in it so she can sit on the floor with us and she just happily plays with her toys while throwing them off the tray over and over. Ha!

10) Graco Modes Travel System
My most frequently used baby gear! Shout out to my parents for gifting us this when Elizabeth was born. It is so amazing. I cannot say enough good things about it. The stroller is lightweight and easy to collapse and open. The infant seat clicks into the stroller and I leave the base in the car. If I am out and about, I can have Elizabeth out of the stroller, clicked into the base and the stroller stowed in the back of the car in less than a minute #momboss. The set also comes with a toddler car seat for when she is ready for it. It also sports a sleek, no frills design that I’m all about. Function over everything!

I just love all these products and want to share them with you! Hopefully it makes wading through the myriad of baby gear easier for you and your fam!





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