Friday Favorites vol. 4

Hi friends!

I’m just going to keep putting fall/winter pictures as my featured image in hopes of making the weather colder. It’s been in the high 80s/90s here in SoCal and that’s just all sorts of mess.

Anyway, just wanted to share a few short reads for you all.

This is a great one from the NYT.
I’m going to start implementing the suggestions here on how to use your phone with intention.
A short, brilliant read on online consumption and what we are in-taking everyday from the internet.
Cheeky article on the best face masks to Instagram #maskmonday.
Fantastic read from the Harvard Business Review on managing your energy, not your time.

I am obsessed with this walnut scrub. It makes my skin feel like buttah.

Zara is my absolute favorite for Elizabeth’s wardrobe. Currently crushing on this and wishing it came in a mom size.

I stumbled upon this Instagram account and I’m obsessed. So aesthetically pleasing.

Hope you have a wonderful weekned!


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