Friday Favorites Vol. 5

Hello, hello and hellooooooo

This week has flown by…whew! I’ll be spending this weekend getting the house prepped for Ruben to be a solo dad, again. I’m going to be in Dallas for half of next week for work and I still have so much to do! Side note, if anyone knows of some delish places to eat in the Dallas area, let me know! I’m currently working with a consultant who will be there with me, and we are both dying to hit up some great spots. I’ve been to Dallas countless times, but, I’m always on limited time and grabbing something quick in the morning to get me through the day, and then something to go at night to eat in a pile of pillows in my hotel room. I will actually have time to go somewhere and sit down this trip, so fill those comments with your recs!

Alright…on to the links 🙂

And as a reminder, some of these are affiliate links. When you click on one and buy something, I receive a small commission!

I’ve been doing some hefty research on starting a capsule wardrobe and embracing minimalism as a lifestyle. I do pretty well, except for clothes. I just seem to amass so much! I try to donate as often as possible, and if I haven’t worn it in over a month (with the exception of seasonal items like winter coats) to the VVA it goes! I want to get serious about this, though! Basically, a capsule wardrobe is creating a set wardrobe revolving around anchor colors. They usually consist of 12-15 pieces that all coordinate so you can  create several options. This builds a small wardrobe of pieces that can be used countless ways because they all match. A good portion of my wardrobe is from Gap, which is great because they have amazing basics…so I’m off to a good start. If you’re interested, check out this, this and this. A blogger I follow is in the middle of her capsule wardrobe and has some great posts on it. Once I’m back from Texas, I’ll be doing a full post dedicated to this process. Stay tuned!

In my search for some classic capsule wardrobe pieces for fall, I’ve been doing some online window shopping (DUH!). I love everything from Pink Desert…but I just recently purchased this shirt that will fit into my capsule nicely, and I am also eyeing this and this.

Has anyone tried any of the Amazon Home Services? Seriously thinking about using them for house cleaning. I don’t mind cleaning, but sometimes I want it professionally done, and they seem to have some reasonable prices…hmmm…

In case you are from out of state, California has been on fire lately. I literally passed a small brush fire on the side of the freeway yesterday. I know, ’tis the season for fires in CA, but it seems like there are more than ever…and more devastating than ever. If you feel inclined, check out this link on ways to donate and help the victims of the NorCal fires.

Are you guys as obsessed with Chip and Joanna Gains as much as Ruben and I are? #fixerupperforlife! I just ordered my first copy of the Magnolia Journal because I cannot get enough of Joanna’s aesthetic. Some items are a little too farmhouse for me (I’m a mid century mod gal) but her design is too gorgeous to care. I’ve also been dying to re-decorate our bedroom and bath, and I’m currently pining over these Magnolia bath and body products. UGH WANT!

This article was a great read for me. Something that I am working on daily as I try to build up my blog!

And finally, I linked my blog to a Facebook page. I’m working on getting more active on social media, so give it a follow! And, if you aren’t already, follow me on Instagram to see countless pictures of Elizabeth’s little face 🙂


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