Sweaters and Scarves – Fall Playlist

The days are starting to get cooler and the leaves are a-changing! Just kidding, it was 92 degrees today. The weather is DEFINITELY not getting cooler. In fact, when I asked Alexa what the weather was supposed to be like today, she said there was a high heat warning in effect until Tuesday.  So, that’s what’s up with the weather in SoCal….

It has been pretty cool in the mornings, which is amazing. I’ve been waking up earlier than I normally do to get the day started. Elizabeth usually wakes up between 7-830 so I’ve been up around 530/6 to catch up on work stuff. Ruben has been lovely and making me coffee before he leaves for work, so I’ve been able to curl up in bed with some coffee and my laptop. Because I’m wishing the morning coolness would stay forever, I made this fall playlist to help that feeling along.

So, curl up with your scarves and sweaters (or shed as many layers as possible if you’re in SoCal) and enjoy this cozy playlist.


**EDIT** There is a glitch in the HTML link that I pulled from Spotify, and the entire playlist should embed in this post. It’s not for some reason, so I can only embed the link. Sorry! 😦


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