Motivating Mommas: Emily Frame of Small Fry

Hi friends!

I am SO SO SO excited to share with you a brand new series on the blog; Motivating Mommas! In this series, I’ll be highlighting and interviewing some fantastic blog runners and small shop owners who are super inspiring and personally motivating to me. I hope that you all love their content, products and feeds as much as I do, and find them just as inspiring!

Without further ado, I’d love to introduce you all to my first Motivating Momma, Emily Frame of Small Fry.

Emily Frame @smallfryblog


TSM: Can you tell the reader’s about yourself and your blog?
EF: I am Emily Frame, I am a mom of three awesome boys and a wife to a contractor who is taking a year off to build our family’s home tucked deep into the mountains. I got an English degree to back up my quiet desire to write “something” “someday”, worked as a stylist for 10 years and I run a local handmade market (@bijoumarket) before I evolved all of those interests and developed skills to run Small Fry!

TSM: How did you first get into blogging, and why?
EF: I had just gotten married and blogging was picking up speed more as essay form. I turned it into my journal and I loved sharing what we were up to, what I was interested in and keeping a record of things. I still refer back to my old blog posts when I can’t recall something! I think it was the middle child in me, wanting to be heard, having a voice, sharing with others and writing which I loved!

TSM: How to you manage time to be a mom, wife, building a new house and run your blog efficiently?
EF: This Summer almost broke me, so I don’t claim to be good at any of it, but I will tell you my successes! I am a list maker so I have lists for things that must be done today and things to work on throughout the week. When I have pockets of time, I pick something off the list that I can accomplish in that time. I schedule myself to do un-fun things – Tuesday you MUST do laundry – and I love to cross things off the list. Having evidence of productivity is vital when you work for yourself.
Also, shout out to my baby who takes two good naps a day, boys who enjoy school, a supportive husband who pitches in even when his list is just as long, a standing babysitter for date night, a cleaning service for the house and hiring out tasks that I find no joy in, but see the value in. I work like a machine when they’re away or asleep and then put it on the shelf when they’re here and need me! It’s not easy, but I am really grateful that this is the scenario I get to work with!
I have to remind myself that THIS IS ALL FUN! It can’t be so serious, even though it is challenging and draining at time, focusing on that doesn’t serve me. Building a house is a freaking blast. Running a blog is the best gig I could’ve handpicked for myself. Just trying to be grateful for it all helps me put it into perspective.


TSM: Tell me about your proudest achievement in the blogging/lifestyle/social media sphere. In your personal life?
EF: I try to find joy and pride every day with this job and it usually comes in the form of connecting with a reader – finding common ground, getting useful feedback, feeling that I added value to them in some way. Having this essay published was amazing, too!
In my personal life, my boys fill me with pride every day, although I would never take credit for any of that. They came that way and are growing into really cool, little dudes. And working together with my man for a great marriage. Not just good, but great.

TSM: Your style is always so on point! Who is your biggest style icon and how would you describe your personal style?
EF: Oh man, I have so many. Right now I am always slow clapping for Traci Ellis Ross and Taylor Tomasi Hill. I love a good risk taker even if it’s not something I would ever wear, I am inspired by that fearlessness. Sienna Miller influenced my style a great deal back when I was still coming into my own (like circa 2004.)
My personal style is all over the place! I am always down to try a new trend and make it my own, which is usually pretty classic with an edge. I usually start with the shoes and work my way up, good shoes are life. Really, getting dressed is a part of my creative process, another element to expressing myself and I make no apologies for loving it! It makes me happy and if anyone else likes it too, that’s just a cherry on top.


TSM: Who are some of your favorite bloggers and why?
EF: I love Cup of Jo and Design Mom for their writing and am so impressed with the communities they’ve created. Brit + Co and Studio DIY for their really inventive content. Jen Gotch and Brooke White for their totally genuine, raw, real and funny Insta stories. Katie Jane Hughes and Ashley’s Fresh Fix for challenging what has become the norm online.

TSM: What advice would you give to those who are starting their own blog?
EF: My advice is also my biggest challenge with blogging! Write what you know, what your gut is telling you to do. What makes you excited in the morning and will keep you up at night? Create what inspires you and what you want to read. The people who are drawn to your genuine content are the readers that you want. Having numbers that don’t connect to you is more detrimental than helpful, I have found. As I have transitioned from a trio to running the blog by myself, all I want are the ones who get me. The people who don’t respond or connect are just more pressure, you know?

A huge thank you to Emily for taking the time to do this interview. Her content and voice are an inspiration to me, as a new blogger, and I hope that you all found some inspiration from her too!

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One thought on “Motivating Mommas: Emily Frame of Small Fry

  1. Great interview and insight from someone who is walking the walk! Already following on Instagram, because I like her honesty. Great job on the interview, Ash! Thank you, Emily, for taking the time to introduce yourself and giving us a peek in to your world as a busy wife, mom, and business owner. You are an inspiration to so many!

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