The Cast Journal – Week 1

We made it one week! *runs around the room with arms in the air and the Rocky theme playing in the background*

What a week it has been…

If you don’t follow me on social media, you probably aren’t aware…so, let me catch you up on the haps of this last week!

On the 20th (of October), Ruben and I were getting ready to head out for his company’s Halloween party. Every year they treat the employees to a taco cart dinner (YUM) and tickets to Knott’s Scary Farm, which is down the street from their office. Elizabeth was playing on our bed while I was doing my make-up and rolled pretty close to the edge. As I grabbed her to pull her back to me, she lurched her back and flung herself off the bed. I caught her left side and was able to break her fall so she didn’t hit her head, but she did land on her left foot/leg. Of course, she was crying hysterically. But, usually when she has a small tumble, or falls backwards from sitting up, she only cries for a moment and then is back to laughing and smiling once the initial shock is over. This time she cried and cried and cried. And cried some more. She was hysterical. Nothing we were doing could soothe her. It was also around the time she needed to eat dinner, so I assumed the tumble on top of needing to eat was the cause of the crying.

I fed her and after eating she fell asleep for a bit. In that time, my mom had come over since she was going to watch Elizabeth while we were out. We told her about the fall and I had checked her over after to look for any swelling or tender spots. There didn’t seem to be any. Once Elizabeth woke up, she was in a better mood, but cried every time she moved too much or if I tried to put her down. She’s never really been a clingy, cuddly baby, but she would not let me leave her. Ruben and I decided to stay home from the party so we could be with her and as we were getting her ready for bed, I noticed she cried really hard when her left leg moved or was lifted. It hurt pretty bad, and she would cry so hard her little balled up fists would shake. We decided to take her to urgent care and get checked out. Hopefully it was just a bruise, but better safe than sorry! After getting a few x-rays, they determined that landing on her left foot had caused a small buckle fracture in her left femur. The poor baby. They weren’t able to splint due to the placement of the fracture, and gave us pediatric orthopedist recommendations for first thing Monday morning (naturally this late on a Friday night).

Ruben and I never have Elizabeth sleep in our bed, but we decided to keep her close and try to keep her from moving too much in the night. She usually sleeps on her tummy, but moving too much caused a lot of pain since they didn’t have a splint on her. We put her in the Dockatot and had her in bed. She slept better than I thought she would that night, only waking up twice, but you could tell she was uncomfortable.

The next day, we went to the Orthopedic Institute for Children since they have an urgent care open on the weekends. By the way, I HIGHLY recommend them if you live in the LA area. The wait was long, and after 5 1/2 hours, we had a shiny blue cast to call our own for four weeks.

The first few days with the cast were rough. Elizabeth was on the brink of crawling and loved to stand up, but now with the cast, her mobility is limited. She tried and tried to crawl and move around the first few days, but it hurt and she would get frustrated easily.


We aren’t able to feed her in her high chair since her leg is not able to bend to get into the leg slot. Our Ingenuity seat has been a tremendous help because she can sit it in and we can feed her. Otherwise, we have to hold her and end up wearing her lunch and dinner 🙂

After the first day or so, things got easier. Elizabeth was able to move around more and more without pain. She has gone back to using rolling as a means a travel and rolls all over the floor. She’d roll out the door if we let her. After sleeping with us the first night when she got injured, and the day after when she got her cast, she went back to her crib. We had her in the Dockatot in her crib to keep her in one place and after a few days, removed it and she is back to sleeping on her belly.

2017-10-22 03.19.55

Our day-to-day life has been tough though. Elizabeth hasn’t been as independent as she was before, but we are getting through it. We have to keep an eye and ear out for her, because if she is sitting down playing and rolls onto her belly, she’ll try to get on all fours and crawl, and then cry because it hurts and she can’t.

It has been a challenging week, to say the least. I am exhausted, sore (from carrying her a lot more than normal) and Ruben and I have both been under the weather, but I am so happy she is on the mend and is moving around without any pain at all. She’s back to her smiley, giggly self and that makes all the tired worth it.

One week down, three to go…

2017-10-22 03.22.00





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