The Cast Journal – Week 2

Another week down, friends!

This week has been so much easier than the last *praise hands emoji*

Elizabeth is navigating around more organically and freely. This has mostly been due to her being relatively pain free. Over the last week she has starting picking up her left leg and waving it around, so that shows she is gaining strength back. That cast is heavy! She doesn’t let the cast affect her too much, she really only notices it when she tries to crawl.

Day-to-day life has returned to normal, somewhat. We do still have to keep careful watch on her…now that she can roll around like she used to, she is rolling herself into furniture and getting her cast stuck haha.

Elizabeth has been getting frustrated easily lately because she can only sit or lie down. She wants to stand up and move around more that way, but she can’t. We also have this activity center from Skip Hop that we aren’t able to put her in until her cast is removed. She LOVES playing in it and it gave us a little break from having to make sure she wasn’t trying to roll under the entertainment center.

This last week was also Elizabeth’s first Halloween. She was Donald Duck (SO CUTE) and her cast matched perfectly. My heart couldn’t handle it.


Ruben and I have both been under the weather for the past two weeks, and I think Elizabeth may be getting a little bit of it. She’s been sneezing and congested the past few days, but doesn’t seem to be grumpy and isn’t running a fever. Hoping it’s just the weather changes! Having a sick baby in a cast sounds no fun, for either her or us.


Next week will go by so quickly, as I’m out of the state for work for four days. Once I get back home, we are off to Solvang for Ruben’s family reunion and then Elizabeth gets her cast of that following Monday. Time is going by so much quicker than I thought it would, and I’m just so happy she has adjusted to her cast so fast (ha, rhyme) and isn’t in any pain.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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