My 15 Favorite Hearth & Hand Scores

I’m sure many of you are aware, but Chip and Joanna Gaines just released their new line for Target, Hearth & Hand, this past weekend. And, oh mah gawd. It’s good, guys.Ruben and I became obsessed with Fixer Upper a few months ago. I had seen an episode here and there over the past few years, but I’d never really sat down and watched one in it’s entirety. A few months ago, I was in the kitchen making Elizabeth’s food for the week and Ruben was watching TV while she napped. He put it on HGTV and Fixer Upper was on. He was glued to the TV the entire hour. I wandered over to sit and watch with him, and that was it. We were obsessed.

Though Joanna’s farmhouse style isn’t my cup of tea (the mid-century reno/design they did last season is my fav, of course) I do love some aspects and several pieces in their new line blend well with my mid-century decor. They’re modern without being too rustic. Just perfect.

Ruben and I stalked the look book the night before the launch so we could choose everything we wanted. We had a game plan. I wanted to buy as much as we could online on the things I knew I really wanted/the things we were buying as Christmas gifts. That way, I knew I’d get them if they happen to be sold out in stores. I checked the Target every hour starting at 9pm (12am on the east coast) but they weren’t launching. I finally fell asleep around midnight only to wake up with a start around one in the morning. I frantically checked the site because I thought they launched and everything was sold out. Much to my relief, everything was released and finally available for purchase and definitely not sold out! We ended up going into Target that morning and picking up a few more things in store…it’s safe to say we need an intervention.

Anyway, enough of my obsession….here are my top 15 scores from the launch! Everything is super snag worthy, and a good portion of the products are under $25, which is great for the wallet. Be sure to snatch these up soon, they’ll go quickly!

As a reminder, some of these are affiliate links. When you click on one and buy something, I receive a small commission. Happy shopping!

1. Stoneware Utensil Holder $14.99screencapture-target-p-stoneware-utensil-holder-cream-hearth-hand-153-with-magnolia-A-52590378-1510118699603

I have been in need of a new utensil holder for the longest time. I’ve had mine for a few years, and it has seen better days. I can’t wait to replace mine with this stoneware beauty.

2. Stoneware Spoon Rest $2.99


This was just too cute to pass up.

3. House Gift Wrap $5.99


Yes, all my wrapping paper is going to be from Magnolia this year. I also got a roll of the herringbone and the plaid.

4. Teakwood and Currant Candle in Galvanized Container $19.99


This is hands down my favorite new scent of all time. It’s cozy and smells like fall, without any overpowering, slap-you-in-the-nostrils scents. Ya know?

5. Embroidered X Throw Pillow $24.99


I saw this pillow in store and fell in love with it! Our couch is gray, we have a gray and white rug and our pillows are white and dark grey. This fits in perfectly on the couch and with the living room decor.

6. Morning Beautiful Stoneware Mug $5.99


This was just too adorable to not grab. I also snagged the black “Morning Handsome” one to match.

7. Women’s Green Plaid Pajamas $19.99


I ended up getting the entire set of these (no shame) so that Ruben, Elizabeth and I had matching pajamas for Christmas Day and our first Christmas picture as a family. They are onesie pajamas and they even have coordinating dog beds and toys!
*Note: These do run large so I would size down*

8. Quilted X Pattern Tree Skirt $34.99


This is probably our biggest splurge from the launch. We have been in need of a tree skirt for YEARS, but I haven’t loved anything enough to buy it in the past. This one is super cute and about $20 cheaper than the one I was going to bite the bullet and buy this year. Thanks, Magnolia!

9. House Bud Vase $9.99


This might be the most “farmhouse” style item we got. It was cute and I thought it would go well on the mantle. I also got the medium size in cream.

10. Black and Cream Towel Set $9.99


You can never have too many kitchen towels, right? That’s what I’m telling myself…

11. Matte Black Flatware Set $19.99


We didn’t necessarily neeeeeeed new flatware…but Ruben really wanted them *shrug*

12. Patterned Ornament Set $12.99


I’ve been searching for ornaments that I can keep for years and years and years. Something timeless and my style. These are it. I also snagged a set in cream.

13. Galvanized Finish Ornament Set $12.99


Picked up this set of four as an accent to the black and cream ornaments above.

14. Pom-Pom Holiday Stocking $13.00


I’m excited to have these stockings for Elizabeth’s first Christmas! I know we will have them for a good long while. Picked this green plaid one for Elizabeth and this cream plaid one for myself.

15. Tote Bag $19.99


You can also file this tote bag under “Things I Didn’t Need” but I loved it, so I got it. I’ve been using it to schlep around my laptop and notebooks for work. It’s only available in stores, so I would snag this one up fast…they only had one left at my Target!


Well, there you have it, folks…my top 15 items! I’ll be honest, it was so hard to narrow it down to just 15 haha. I am obsessed with this initial launch, and I cant wait to see what they come out with next! If you’re doing some holiday shopping, click on the image below to get free shipping and returns on all items purchased now through 12/23.

Happy shopping!


One thought on “My 15 Favorite Hearth & Hand Scores

  1. Great picks! I’m really surprised at how reasonably priced their line is…that could be dangerous! Nothing seemed very farmhouse-y at all.


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