The Cast Journal – Weeks 3-6

Hello again!

It’s been a long three weeks since I’ve posted anything on the blog…and social media too.

Those three weeks have seen: one work trip to Texas, a trip to urgent care, two leg casts, countless long days/nights of work and one family death. It’s been a doozy.

Let’s start from the last time we talked….

Elizabeth was rounding her third week in her cast, coming into the last few days before her appointment to see if it could be removed. In the last half of the third week I had a work trip to Texas that knocked me on my booty. I was out in the field for 16-18 hours then coming back to the hotel and catching up on emails and projects before passing out and doing it all again the next day. As rough as it is sometimes, I love being out in the field and working alongside the teams I support daily from California. It makes those crazy long days totally worth it.


The night before I flew back to California, Elizabeth decided she was over being in her cast and pulled the darn thing right off. I had just gotten out of the shower and was going to grab a quick dinner when Ruben Face Timed me. He had the camera facing him while he held Elizabeth then turned the camera around to her little cast hanging out on the rug without her leg inside it. Uh oh.


I’m a thousand miles away and can’t help whatsoever! I landed back in LA around 8 the next morning and met my dad at the orthopedist. Since it was so early we were seen fairly quickly and got x-rays to determine if Elizabeth could be cast free. Seriously, her appointment was three days away and she just couldn’t wait to bust loose. After meeting with the doctor, she determined Elizabeth’s break was on the mend, but it was only about 80% healed. She said another week would do, but wanted to re-cast her for two more weeks since she is so active. Sigh. Another cast it was. They re-cast her in plaster to keep it in place and deter her from pulling it off since it would be heavier. In an act of defiance (which I have no idea where she gets that…jk it’s totally from me) she picked up her newly plaster cast leg and swung it around and around. The nurse just pat me on the shoulder and said good luck. This crazy girl of mine…




Over the next few days after being home, I spent as much time with my grandma as possible. Her health went into a sharp decline while I was in Texas, and she was no longer eating or drinking. Last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, she passed away. I am glad that I was there to be with my mom and my aunt so they weren’t alone when she passed. My grandma and Elizabeth always had a special connection…it’s hard to explain, but it was definitely there. Elizabeth was napping when my grandma passed, but as she took her last breath, Elizabeth woke up from her nap and started crying. At the exact same time. Now, I could go into some spiritual musings about life and death and how an exisiting life gives way for a new one, but I don’t. But, if Elizabeth waking up at the exact moment my grandma left us isn’t a connection, I don’t know what is *chills*


Fast forward to today for Elizabeth’s follow up appointment. I’ve been trying to remain neutral about her getting her cast off today, that way if she had to keep it on longer, I wouldn’t be too disappointed. Her appointment went smooth, and fast. They cut the cast off to get x-rays and poor Elizabeth freaked out. I mean, I would too if a loud machine with a blade was inches away from my chubby, little thigh. She did well for x-rays and they were up on the computer as we waited for the doctor. Her original x-ray with the fracture was up and her x-ray from today was next to it for comparison and showed no signs of the break. I felt super hopeful that she wouldn’t have to be recast. The doctor let us know she was fully healed and could return to all normal baby activities…yes! She’ll be a little sore for the next few days, but otherwise she is totally fine. She has been crawling as if her cast was still on, using one leg. But, she is already moving it more and more and is crawling at super speed. She is a little fussy, but you can tell she’s happy to be free.



Overall, this adventure has been draining. I’m so thankful the pain for Elizabeth was minimal, but trying to keep her somewhat still and watching to make sure her cast didn’t get caught on anything and come off (again) was mentally exhausting. Thank you to everyone who sent their love, support and well wishes. A HUGE thank you to my family for always stepping up and helping in whatever way possible.

I’m relieved that I can close this chapter of motherhood. Hopefully, we will never have to open it again.

Thanks for reading 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Cast Journal – Weeks 3-6

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your Grandma. I hope you all find peace, comfort, and strength during this time. And I am so happy that little Elizabeth is all healed and cast free! What a sweet, beautiful babe!


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