Nine Months

Ahhh, back on the blog and it feels so good!

I know last post I said I’d be better at this, but I lied. Sorry ’bout that. Life has been a little hectic lately and work has really consumed all my time. I’m finding early mornings before Elizabeth is up is now the best time to get up and write. I’m fresh first thing in the morning, and Ruben always makes coffee before he leaves for work so I can have a cup while I write. Thanks, boo!

Elizabeth turned nine-months-old last week. How is that even possible? It’s crazy. Insane. She’s growing so fast I feel like if I blink, I’m going to miss it all. She has her nine-month well visit in a few days and I can’t wait to see her stats. She feels so tall already…she will for sure pass me up in height. Being 5’1″ that’s not hard to do though…


It is so strange to think that she has been out and about in the world for just as long (maybe?) as she was inside me. It makes me kind of sad to think that I didn’t get to do all the fun/festive things people do when they’re expecting. No fun pregnancy announcements. No surprise, tearful announcements to our parents. No running joyfully down the baby aisles in Target picking out registry items (but every trip to Target, regardless of occasion, is joyful amiright?!) No musing for months about the perfect name. No gender reveal. No super cute maternity clothes. Nothing.


Well, I shouldn’t say nothing. We did get the most amazing, star-shine of a tiny human. And that’s not nothing. She is quite literally the light of my life. After a long day working, the smile she gives me melts away and stress or worry. She’s amazing.


Thinking back, I’m thankful things happened the way they did. Having those nine months to prepare would have probably driven me crazy. I overthink everything. I do super well on the fly, and nothing is more on the fly than having a surprise baby, ha! Elizabeth gracing the world the way she did has touched us so deeply, and friends and family came together to help support us in so many ways. She has opened up parts of me that I didn’t think exist, or could exist. It’s been an amazing, challenging nine months and I can’t wait to see where we go from here.



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